If You're Not Using LinkedIn to Acquire New Business... You're Losing Money.
Why Linked Lead Machines? Here's How it Works...
From the Desk of Yakov Savitskiy...

What would it take to make 2017 your most successful year ever?

As the Mastermind behind Linked Leads, I specialize in help business owners and sales professionals generate a flurry of new clients and referrals through using LinkedIn.

Of course, things weren't always like this.

You see, I used to sell software and absolutely dreaded it. 

Back then, I would spend 8 hours a day cold calling businesses and getting rejection after rejection.

Maybe you can relate...

I was used to constantly getting yelled at, hung up on, and sometimes not even getting past the gatekeeper.

After 30 days, I barely had any results and started to  feel completely clueless.

Know the feeling?

It's that feeling when you've given your all, but nothing seems to work.

That's how I started feeling day after day.

I was miserable.

Then it happened.

I decided enough was enough. I decided to try something different.

So I began experimenting with LinkedIn...

All while having no idea what results to expect.

To tell you the truth, I had been a LinkedIn user for a while.

But up to that point, I only saw LinkedIn as a typical social media site.

Sure I had heard something about LinkedIn being full of opportunity...

In fact, I had used LinkedIn in the past to make meaningful connections.

But at the time...

I didn't think much of using LinkedIn to make more sales.

Despite that, I decided to give LinkedIn a try.

After all...

What did I have to lose?

A few days in and the results...

Left me stunned.

All of a sudden, I started booking new appointments and finding new referral sources.

A week on LinkedIn surpassed all of my activity over the previous month.

It was at that point when I realized...

I could be on to something.

Nearly a year later, I've been able to draw from my experiment at the software company.

Having worked with various business owners and sales professionals as clients...

I've refined a replicable system which can help any business owner or sales professional consistently acquire new clients and referrals through using LinkedIn.

Thus far, I've only worked with a select group of business owners and sales professionals.

Now the time has finally come to make my proven system available to the public.

Through using this system, millions of business owners and sales professionals will be able to use their LinkedIn profiles as machines for getting new clients and referrals.

Picture this...

What if you could spend 1/2 the time you're currently spending cold calling, networking, and door knocking while experiencing...

4x the results, all without paying for advertising.

At this point you're probably thinking:

"All of this sounds way too good to be true."

I wouldn't blame you.

In fact...

That's precisely what most of my clients first said when I introduced them to the idea.

You're probably similar to many of my clients.

You're probably someone who works hard and would be open to improving your results...

All while adding time to your day and being more efficient.

Does the scenario below sound familiar?

After another busy day, you've set aside a precious few hours to attend another networking event.

Upon arriving at the event, you start to notice the same old pattern.

You're seeing the same washed-up familiar faces all while...

Being constantly bombarded by strangers who shove business cards in your face as they tell you about their "life-changing" product.

It doesn't help having such an over-sized group crammed into a small venue.

A few hours go by, and you end up leaving the event completely drained.

You're frustration grows as you think about the time you took away from those you love only to...

Not find a single meaningful connection or new opportunity.

Now picture this...

What if during your next networking experience...

You only met the exact types of people you wanted to do business with and refer business to.

And what if...

You could do so all from the comfort of your home.

Here's another experience you may be able to relate to.

You need to prospect new clients but have continued resorting to traditional methods.

Every day, you spend hours on the phone constantly being hung up on, yelled at, and ridiculed by people you don't even know.

When you do land an appointment...

Many times the prospect ends up cancelling or acting particularly guarded when meeting with you.

In addition to cold calling, you're also knocking on doors and coming in for unannounced visits.

No matter which type of sweets you try to bribe them with, most prospects are still reluctant to see you and often times...

It takes multiple visits just to build rapport with their assistants.

What would it be like to never have to worry about getting past the gatekeeper again?

How much more successful could you be if your dream prospects were actually excited to see you and often times...

Would be the ones initially contacting you instead of the other way around.

Through leveraging LinkedIn, you have a chance to make these things a reality.

I'd like to show you how...

Linked Lead Machines...The Ultimate Method for Generating More Clients and Referrals Through LinkedIn
On January 31, I'll be releasing Linked Lead Machines...

The training program designed to teach you everything you'll need to know to start attracting your ideal clients and referral partners through using LinkedIn.

In this never-before released program, you'll learn:
  • How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's Secret Algorithm and Start Being Found by More People in a Matter of Minutes - So your ideal clients and referral partners can easily find you and engage with you
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Position Yourself as a Top Expert in Your Field - Because your ideal clients want to work with experts, you'll be able to use LinkedIn to position yourself as a premiere authority in your space
  • Hidden Tricks to Utilizing LinkedIn's Search Function- So you can gain access to hundreds of your dream leads and referral partners in a matter of seconds
  • Catastrophic Mistakes 98% of Business Owners and Sales Professionals are Still Making on LinkedIn and Exactly How to Fix Them- So you never risk making these mistakes again
  • Stealth Strategies for Using Your Existing LinkedIn Network to Generate New Business- So you can always stay a few steps ahead of the competition no matter the size of your market
  • Full A to Z LinkedIn Prospecting Methods- So you can learn everything you'll need to know about prospecting on LinkedIn, from finding your ideal prospects and referral partners to getting them to agree to an appointment
  • Over 6 Hours of On-Demand, Recorded Content- So you can learn at your own pace and watch any segment, any time
  • Complete Library of Scripts and Templates- So you can seamlessly implement everything you learn
  • And So Much More...
Here's What a Few of My Clients Have Had to Say...
"Yakov is an expert in every sense of the word when it comes to generating new business opportunities and relationships through LinkedIn. Implementing the strategies he recommended, my company has grown its sales pipeline by 60% and gained traction in gaining sought after market share across global markets." - Simon C.

"I was reluctant to learn about LinkedIn and use it to get new clients until Yakov showed me how easy it could be." - Alesa F.

"Yakov is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to sales, marketing, and leveraging LinkedIn. The strategies he shares are ahead of our time and can be applied by almost anyone looking to increase sales. He's helped me craft a marketing and sales strategy for my business at which LinkedIn is at the forefront. Yakov's content is highly actionable, and I couldn't recommend him more." - Pavel V.
At This Point You're Probably Asking Yourself...

All of this sounds great, but how much does it cost?

The additional clients and referrals you'll receive as a result of implementing this program could easily generate an additional $10,000 in sales for your company.

Even if you got just one new client every three months as a result of implementing this program, how much do you think that could add to your bottom-line?

Especially if you offer a high-ticket product or service...

This program can yield a monumental return on investment.

As you may have guessed...

At this point, I won't be charging $10,000 for this program...

Or even $5,000, although it would easily be worth the investment.

Initially I planned on charging $2,000 for the first few months before increasing the price.

However, with the increased demand among business owners and sales professionals wanting to get more clients and referrals out of LinkedIn...

I decided to put it at a price point so low that it would be accessible even to beginners.

That's why you can get full access to Linked Lead Machines today for only a one-time investment of $997.

Bonus #1... Advertising Secrets Webinar
In this exclusive webinar, I'll reveal the secrets behind effective advertising, both online and offline.

You'll learn exactly how to:

  • Create Better Ads
  • Craft a Killer Offer
  • Target Different Segments of Traffic
  • Increase Your Return on Investment
  • And More...
This webinar will only be made available within Linked Lead Machines.

Bonus #2... Meetup Mania
Ever wanted to learn how to prospect through meetup.com. ?

As someone who's used meetup.com as a prospecting tool over the last several months and even started his own meetup, I'll show you the most up-to-date methods for prospecting through Meetup.

These strategies alone can begin to fill your pipeline and help you generate additional leads at little to no cost...

You can almost be certain your competition hasn't caught on to any of these.

Bonus #3... Unlimited Life-Time Access
Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn continues to rapidly grow and change.

As LinkedIn continues to change, I'll continue to gather insights and will always be updating this program with new content to help you stay ahead of the curve.

For future Linked Lead Machines users, there will be a subscription charge for them to continue receiving program updates.

However, if you decide to invest today, you will have unlimited life-time access to Linked Lead Machines at no extra cost so you can ensure you're always in the loop and a step ahead of your competition.

Still Not Sure?

With over 467 million users on LinkedIn including the key decision makers you need to get in front of...

You owe it to yourself to turn this hidden goldmine which is LinkedIn into more income for you and your company.

The choice is yours...

You can choose to invest in yourself and start spending more time with the ones you love while still being able to grow your book of business...

Or you can choose to not take advantage of this opportunity and get left behind your competition.

Here's What Some More of My Clients Have Had To Say...

"Of course I was curious about using LinkedIn to generate more leads for my business. I just had no idea where to begin. Using the Linked Leads System has helped me generate several new business opportunities and relationships."- Desiree R.

"Yakov is an excellent source of LinkedIn knowledge, and he is also an excellent teacher. The two don't neccessarily go hand-in-hand, but in Yakov's case they do."- Nancy G.

"Yakov's training gave me a lot of vital information I hadn't even considered." - Ben B.

"The Linked Leads System absolutely inspired me and my manager to work more with LinkedIn to start using it in ways to obtain sales leads. The presentation was eye-opening and helped me to see that Yakov's process was easy to follow and could provide lots of opportunities for sales leads that I did not see before." - Karintha T.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click the Button Below to Receive...

Full Linked Lead Machines On-Demand Program ($1,000 Value)

Bonus #1: Advertising Secrets Webinar ($100 Value)

Bonus #2: Meetup Mania Virtual Training ($150 Value)

Bonus #3: Unlimited Life-Time Access ($2,400 Annual Value)

Total: $3,654  

Exclusive: $997

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