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A Message From Our CEO...
Dear Business Owner,

What If You Had A New Way Of Generating Unlimited Streams Of Leads And Referrals That 99.9% Of Your Competition Is Still Completely Clueless About?

Since you're reading this, you've probably heard the news about LinkedIn's recent acquisition by Microsoft for $26.2 billion dollars. In fact, you may have seen some of these statistics:

- There are currently over 550 million users worldwide across LinkedIn with over 130 million accounts opened in the US

- As per LinkedIn's last published report, user activity has increased by over 30% since last quarter

- Gen. Y is the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn and the next generation of business executives are flocking to LinkedIn as their preferred social networking platform

- The average household income of a LinkedIn user is reported to be over $115,000

With an affluent user base and captive audience, chances are LinkedIn is littered with your ideal clients and referral partners. From CEOs, Key Influencers And Best Selling Authors To Students, Veterans and HR Executives, you have an opportunity to reach these people and market directly to them on this well-known yet highly underutilized platform.

Imagine Being Able To Get All These New Clients Without Having To Buy Leads, Exhaust Yourself At More Networking Events And Without Having To Spend More Of Your Marketing Budget On Additional Advertising. Think About How It Would Feel To Be Able To Do All This Through Tapping Into All The Potential There Is For Your Business To Grow On LinkedIn.

As a business owner, you're probably tired of using the same old and largely ineffective methods for getting new clients. These methods certainly tend to take a toll and often times produce at best inconsistent and more often ineffective results. 

Yet you've probably had a LinkedIn profile for years so may be asking yourself... Why in the world have I never gotten much if any business from LinkedIn when clearly there's all this potential?

The Problem Is That Most Businesses Still Lack The Right Strategies And Systems They Need To Have In Place For Generating A Flurry Of High-End Clients Using LinkedIn.

With so much noise being out there in today's marketplace, you've probably come across a lot of different advice from so called gurus. Chances are you've been overwhelmed by information and not sure who to trust. 

After all, at the end of the day you don't really care as much about using LinkedIn or any other platform as you care about finally experience proven results. You're ready to start growing your business now and finally, maybe even for the first time, start seeing a true ROI from your marketing and social media.

Our Mission Is To Give You The Exact Strategies And Systems You'll Need For Turning Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Lead And Referral Generating Machine So That You Forever Gain An Edge Over All Of Your Competition.

Having read this far, I know how committed you are to finding something that actually works. You may even have thought that you've tried everything already and been more than a little skeptical before reading this note.

 And with all of the nonsense and terrible information out there, I'm here to tell you... It's not your fault.

As a matter of fact, I commend you for taking action and actively look for new ways to grow your business and turn it into the kind of business you envision. 

The bottom-line is this... We're here to be your trusted advisors and give you practical, proven tools along the way that will actually work.

To Take The Next Step In Becoming A Client And Learn More About How These Little-Known Yet Dangerously Effective Strategies Can Transform Your Business, Click Here To Apply For Your Complimentary LinkedIn Strategy Assessment. If Your Business Qualifies, One Of Our Dedicated Consultants Will Be Contacting You With More Information.


Yakov Savitskiy, CEO Of Linked Lead Enterprises
Internationally Recognized LinkedIn Expert And Author

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