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Lindsey B. Atlanta Based Business Owner And Marketing Expert

A Message From Yakov Smart...

Dear Friend,
What If You Could Attract More Of The 
"A-Lister" Clients, Talent, Referral Sources Or Investors You Want Without Having To Spend Any More Of Your Precious Time Chasing Them? 
You've probably heard by now that LinkedIn can be a land flowing with opportunity when it comes to attracting the top-tier clients, referral sources, or investors you're looking for.

And even though you've had a LinkedIn profile for quite some time, there's a good chance you've haven't gotten much more out of being on LinkedIn than an online resume.

What's fascinating is the new level of opportunity now available to business owners on LinkedIn since it's acquisition by Microsoft.

Suppose You Could Have A New Way Of Attracting Your Dream Clients,Talent, Referral Sources Or Investors Which Most Of Your Competition Is Still Completely Clueless About.  

My name is Yakov Smart. As a Trusted Advisor to CEOs and Sales Leaders worldwide along with being the author of Disrupting LinkedIn, you'll quickly recognize me to be very different from those "digital marketing experts" and "lead generation gurus" out there.

This is because of three very important reasons.

1. I've actually been in the trenches working with other people like you on a regular basis. In other words, everything you'll hear me share is based around what actually works on planet earth instead of some theoretical mumbo jumbo coming from who knows where.

2. I've developed a unique way of making this new way of using LinkedIn as simple to digest and implement in your business as possible. In other words get ready to drastically reduce your learning curve so that you don't have to spend hundreds of hours learning and refining so many of these strategies like I did.

3. I've recognized that for the people we work with, it's not necessarily about filling their "lead buckets" with hundreds of sub-par leads. Lead generation is great but using LinkedIn to attract the A-List people you want into your business is what makes the real difference. 

That's Where This New Way Of Using LinkedIn Comes In. Expect To Be Blown Away When You Finally Start To Experience The Difference Of Getting The "A-Listers" You Want Interested In What You Have To Offer.

As you can imagine, a massive part of what we do is in working with people like you . The fact that you're here on this page, reading this message and are intrigued by the possibilities tells me you're somebody who's action-oriented and knows the importance of reaching A-Listers when it comes to growing your business.

If You've Ever Felt Like You're Hitting A Brick Wall Or Struggling To Get Through The Noise When It Comes To Reaching The High-Level People You Want...This Is Your Chance To Finally Get Past The Velvet Rope.

To take the next step in attracting more of the A-Listers you're looking for, click here to apply for your complimentary LinkedIn Business Growth Assessment.


Yakov Smart, Leader Of Linked Lead Enterprises
Internationally Recognized LinkedIn Expert And Author

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